Friday, December 19, 2008

Graduation 2008!

So there you have it, I finally graduated. I never thought the day would come! After four years of college, starting the University of Utah and transferring to BYU-Idaho after my mission, I finished my undergraduate degree having obtained my bachelors degree in business management with an emphasis in marketing. It was an awesome time, even bittersweet some may say. My parents flew in from Maryland and Trevor and Tamara drove up from Utah with their three kids to be in attendance. President Uchtdorf was the main commencement speaker. He gave some amazing inspirational words of encouragement to the graduating class regarding the economic times we are struggling through right now. Yes I did graduate, but what a perfect time to graduate with the amazing job market right now! What are my plans now? Graduate school, maybe, to ride out the economy and continue my education during graduate work! We will see...

Christmas 2008-Ugly Sweater Party!

So not only did I win the best costume at our Halloween party, I also when the "ugly sweater" contest that our apartment put on to celebrate Christmas. And yes, the collar on this sweater is not coming from a white polo that I am wearing underneath, it is actually attached to the sweater. 

I think being a big guy and bald has a lot to do with the comic relief that I provide to everyone around me. 

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008 @ BYU-Idaho!

This is a pretty sweet picture. Someone tossed me the broom and had me bust into my own apartment, acting as if I were saving the day. Good thing our kitchen floor was dirty. I threw down in cleaning that floor like no one's business!

Oh yes, Mr. Clean at his finest. I think if I were not bald and did not have big arms (humbly said of course), I wouldn't have been able to pull this costume off. I won best costume award out of everyone at the party!

Left to right: Gumball machine (Lindsay), Mr. Clean (me), Ramses from Nacho Libre (Kell), and Mr. Incredible (Ryan).
This picture was taken in our apartment where we threw the biggest party at The Ridge. Through out the course of 3 hours we probably had about 100-150 people filter through. We threw down an awesome dance party. Was way fun...

Halloween 2008! This is my buddy Kell and my roommate Ryan. Kell was Ramses from Nacho know, that wrestler guy who always wore a mask and grey suit?
Ryan was Mr. Incredible. It's actually quite scary to see actual pictures of Mr. Incredible compared to Ryan because they look almost identical. I painted Ryan's facemask on for him. I know, it looks good.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

We visited Aushwitz in Poland before we entered into Ukraine....on foot. This is a picture of us standing in front of the famous sign, which reads, "Work makes you free".

The day we were there was a cold, dark, dreary day. It set the tone and mood for our visit. The rain was slightly drizzling as we made our way through the town of Aushwitz. As we breathed, we could see our breath every so slightly.

The town is actually a very interesting town regarding its architecture. Trees line the paths that were scattered through out the entire complex. Cobblestone streets, brick buildings, located in the back-country of Poland. Very European feeling.

We had roughly two hours to see the entire complex, where you could spend days there. It was frustrating to be in a hurry, but what we experienced there will never be forgotten. Despite our short visit, we were able to understand, more fully, what went on there. All our lives and all throughout elementary, middle, and high school, we studied and read about the holocaust and the concentration camps. It's one thing to read about it and see pictures of it, but it's another thing to actually see it first hand. I learned more there in two hours than I did in ten years of schooling.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Standing inside the Vatican City. Unfortunately the time we were in Italy, the Sistine Chapel was closed for a major holiday, so we were not able to see Michalengelo's famous painting on the ceiling of the chapel. Despite that, being inside the Vatican was awesome. There were fountains in the middle of the plaza, so I walked over and dunked my head in the cold water. The others could not do that because they would have to worry about fixing their hair afterwards. As for me, haha...all I did was stand in the sun to dry my head.

A couple buddies of mine standing not too far away from the Colosseum. We arrived in Italy at 9AM in the morning after flying for the 9 hours across the ocean. We were all extremely tired due to the lack of sleep on the plane, but we were eager to get out into the city as fast as possible because we only had two days to spend in Rome. It was very hot this day as well. I forgot to put on sunscreen, so my head was one giant red cherry at the end of the day. Some people tan. I don't. I lobster.

So this past summer 4 buddies of mine and myself all traveled to Europe for a 9 day excursion of Italy, Poland, Ukraine, and Hungary. This picture is one of hundreds, but I do want to point out that we flew first class to AND from Europe. This is a picture of me sitting in one of the seats, wearing the noise cancelling headphones that they pass out, enjoying my bread and butter as an appetizer before our main crab cake meal.
During the season premiere of The Office season 5, Dwight Schrute and Pam Beesley stopped by my apartment. Oh yes, the red carpet was rolled out and we, the residents of apt. 608, gladly welcomed them into our humble abode.

My buddy Kell

This is my buddy Kell D. Bjorn. He has a blog, too. Here is his website: As we were driving back from an eventful weekend, his fatigue got the best of him. I think the coolest part about the picture is the fact that I took it WHILE driving. Impressive huh?