Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008 @ BYU-Idaho!

This is a pretty sweet picture. Someone tossed me the broom and had me bust into my own apartment, acting as if I were saving the day. Good thing our kitchen floor was dirty. I threw down in cleaning that floor like no one's business!

Oh yes, Mr. Clean at his finest. I think if I were not bald and did not have big arms (humbly said of course), I wouldn't have been able to pull this costume off. I won best costume award out of everyone at the party!

Left to right: Gumball machine (Lindsay), Mr. Clean (me), Ramses from Nacho Libre (Kell), and Mr. Incredible (Ryan).
This picture was taken in our apartment where we threw the biggest party at The Ridge. Through out the course of 3 hours we probably had about 100-150 people filter through. We threw down an awesome dance party. Was way fun...

Halloween 2008! This is my buddy Kell and my roommate Ryan. Kell was Ramses from Nacho know, that wrestler guy who always wore a mask and grey suit?
Ryan was Mr. Incredible. It's actually quite scary to see actual pictures of Mr. Incredible compared to Ryan because they look almost identical. I painted Ryan's facemask on for him. I know, it looks good.