Friday, December 19, 2008

Graduation 2008!

So there you have it, I finally graduated. I never thought the day would come! After four years of college, starting the University of Utah and transferring to BYU-Idaho after my mission, I finished my undergraduate degree having obtained my bachelors degree in business management with an emphasis in marketing. It was an awesome time, even bittersweet some may say. My parents flew in from Maryland and Trevor and Tamara drove up from Utah with their three kids to be in attendance. President Uchtdorf was the main commencement speaker. He gave some amazing inspirational words of encouragement to the graduating class regarding the economic times we are struggling through right now. Yes I did graduate, but what a perfect time to graduate with the amazing job market right now! What are my plans now? Graduate school, maybe, to ride out the economy and continue my education during graduate work! We will see...

Christmas 2008-Ugly Sweater Party!

So not only did I win the best costume at our Halloween party, I also when the "ugly sweater" contest that our apartment put on to celebrate Christmas. And yes, the collar on this sweater is not coming from a white polo that I am wearing underneath, it is actually attached to the sweater. 

I think being a big guy and bald has a lot to do with the comic relief that I provide to everyone around me.