Friday, January 8, 2010

Ahhhhhhh yes! Upon my arrival in Arizona, my Uncle Chris (whom I was named after BTW -- coolest guy ever) presented me with a Christmas gift...Fiesta Bowl tickets! Texas vs Ohio State. THE most exciting football game I had ever been to! We arrived at the game about 2-hours before kickoff to enjoy the pre-game festivities. After purchasing our Texas gear as you see in this picture, we made out way to the all you can eat bbq, corn bread, and baked beans tent where we treated ourselves to pure gluttony! It is moments like these where my New Year's resolutions regarding dieting are pushed aside and my true Cobb/Clason side come alive. We were bottomless pits, eating everything in sight in!

Quick story: once we finished eating, we exited from the pre-game eating and games and started to make our way over to University of Phoenix Stadium where the game was to be played. I was with Chris, his boys, and their friends as we were making our way through the parking lot, walking amongst drunk, Ohio State tailgaters who had been drinking several hours prior. Now keep in mind that we were wearing Texas gear, the opposing team.

As we continued walking, a pair of Ohio State fans step out into the street from their tailgating party, set down their freshly opened, cold beers on the ground and proceed to play catch with a football. As we approached the duo playing catch, my young, 13-year old cousin and his friend decide that it would be funny to walk up to the can and kick it. What they DIDN'T realize is that that can belonged to the drunken Ohio State fan 10 feet away to our left playing catch. As the two kicked the can together, they yelled out, "Beer sucks! Go Texas!"

It was at this point in time where everything seemed to freeze while our heart rates rapidly increased. It was like we were in a movie where something bad is about to happen and the actors move very slowly making their way out of the potential life threatening situation with absolute fear in their eyes.

Chris and I turned bright red, grabbed the boys by their wrists, made a hard right 90 degree turn, and cut through the next row of cars as quickly as possible. Laughing, yet serious and stern at the same time, we asked, "What were you THINKING?!" Their response was, "We didn't know the cans were full and that they belonged to the two playing catch." HELLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO! Earth to McFly!

Good times. We laugh about it all the time now. Good memories.

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