Tuesday, January 19, 2010

For the longest time I have wanted to own my very own dog. One that will grow up and prove to be a legit man dog. Yes, pitbulls are known to be fierce animals who are dangerous to be around. But, what they don't realize is that it depends on how the dog is trained. If you train it correctly, all the dog will want to do is play with a kong and run around. Yes, they are powerful creatures that can knock a full grown man, such as myself, to the ground. But once again, it depends on how you train that particular dog.

This is a picture of a puppy pitbull asleep on the couch, a picture that I found on the internet when I simply did a Google image search for "pitbull puppy". Once this dog gets to be 1-2 years, any man walking this kind of a dog will feel proud to be of the male gender, out walking his bad pitbull terrier.

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