Friday, January 8, 2010

Blue Man Group! I have been to several shows in the past in Vegas, New York, and DC, but never have I attended a show as unique as this one was! We were sitting in the front row "splash" section, meaning that we were given ponchos to wear because at several points throughout the show, the Blue Man Group beats on their drums so hard that the paint spilling out from either their mouths or shirts splashes everywhere, splashing onto the crowd. Thankfully, the paint was watercolor, so it can easily be washed out. But, the ponchos truly did save us!

At one point in the show, stage crew personnel unrolled long, industrial sized toilet paper rolls onto the crowd from above, starting in the back. The crowd was encouraged to continue to pull the toilet paper paper while the stage crew up above continue to unroll it onto us. At one point during this bizarre situation, the entire crowd was sitting underneath a huge blanket of toilet paper. All of the paper eventually ended up on the stage, but many times in your life can you say you sat in a show, that you payed for, where you sat underneath toilet paper?

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