Friday, January 8, 2010

So before my brother and his family departed for Japan for work, I traveled down to Utah for one last visit. It was difficult to say goodbye to them because I had established a very close relationship with the family over the course of three years while I was attending school in Idaho. I would come down often for visits over the weekend.

Anyhow, I flew in on July 4th and we went as a family to Provo Center Street to celebrate. While there, we played a lot of different games, ate carnival food, etc... was really fun hanging out with the kids and family.

We stumbled across this one "ride" where you swing back and forth on a trapezius. I had seen it done before and while standing there watching the other participants swing, I was fully convinced that I could do the same. There were guys swinging back and forth, doing flips and turns, the whole bit on this ride. I was pumped. So I paid the guy to try it out, climbed to the top of the ladder, and this is what happened. See video.

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