Friday, January 8, 2010

So my dear friend Maddie invited me to attend a Phoenix Suns tribute dinner, honoring Shaq and Steve Nash. We were sitting amongst NBA legends, both past and present. Amongst several other individuals that are not shown below, we met Steve Kerr, Tom Chambers, and many, many others who were all-stars back in the day. I was shocked as to how big some of the players really are. We watch them play on tv, but rarely get to see them in person. And when you do see them in person you think to yourself, "Holy crap, this dude is huge!"

Anyhow, we arrived about an hour before the actual 5-course, sit down meal began. Inside a very large banquet hall, we walked around a silent auction of Phoenix Suns paraphernalia that was to be auctioned off. Things such as an autographed sized 17 shoe that Shaq wore in one game, or a basketball signed by Steve Nash, or a life-sized cardboard cut out of Grant Hill, etc... The place was full of cool things! Walking amongst us, as well, were several of the players greeting us and talking with coaches and other players. We all felt like a million bucks standing amidst some of the NBA's greatest players.

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